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Inspire and maximize people using video and worksheets. Ensure we create long term behavior change.

Make the process of personal and professional growth engaging and sustainable.

Natural extension for audiences who hear Molly live.

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“Molly Fletcher breaks down the keys to being the best to their core elements. She then takes it a step further by providing examples and practical tips that anyone can apply to succeed in business and life. There’s something here for everyone.”

-Arthur M. Blank
Owner, Atlanta Falcons; founder, Home Depot

“Molly Fletcher is a MVP sports agent, and that’s why I trusted her during my major league baseball career.  Molly can teach you important skills and tactics you need to know to excel – not just at the negotiations table or in your career but in other aspects of your life.”

-John Smoltz
Former Pitcher, Atlanta Braves; winner, Cy Young Award

"Molly Fletcher is a fierce negotiator, sports business owner, and brilliant business mind."

-Roger Staubach
Hall of Fame Quarterback and Entrepreneur

Molly’s content is entertaining, inspiring, one of a kind and motivating.  It is so applicable.  With her wit and candor about her personal experiences, she gives people ways to deepen relationships with their clients, grow their businesses and show people the way to create new opportunities.”

-Michael Lawrence
Merrill Lynch

“This content is powerful and life changing.”

-Tom Izzo
Head Men's Basketball Coach, Michigan State University

“Molly is a force.  She is inspiring and people want more of her.  Molly is a world class speaker, business person, talent manager and coach.  Her message of pay it forward investment in your career, and your team has people ready to take on the world.”

-Joni Doolin
People Report

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